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  • JMUNESCO 2024 Agenda Items General Assembly (GA) GC1- Gender Equality Exploring the problem of gender stereotyping in career choice and hiring. GC 2- Education Promoting cultural diversity to enhance education, discussing the impact of cultural diversity in education GC3- Natural sciences Discussing the effect of nuclear weapons on agriculture. GC4- International security Building unity for a safer world GC5- Communication and Information Debating the Power of Communication and Information in Fostering Global Unity Executive Board (EB) EB1- Human Rights Discuss the impact caused by the war crimes being committed in the Middle East area. EB2- Finance Discussing the impact of the israel palestine conflict on the global economy and brainstorming ways to repair the damage caused by it Special Focus (SF) SF1- Social and Human Sciences Debating on the effect of discrimination on children's wellbeing and future. SF2- Health Discussing the impact on citizens of countries in distress where health centers are caught in the crossfire.